Uganda Professional Drivers’ Network (UPDN) is an Umbrella NGO for drivers’ associations in Uganda. UPDN was established in 2014 and registered as a legal entity with the National NGO Board under the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2016.

Our Vision

To be a centre of Excellence in development of professional driving industry in Uganda.

Our Mission

Professional driving industry for improved road transport.


Empowered drivers, Safer Roads.

Our Objectives

  • To build capacity of drivers and their organizations in Uganda.

  • To promote equal opportunities for women in the driving industry.

  • To provide information and a platform for advocacy on road safety and health of drivers

  • To respond to health, wellness and welfare of drivers and their families in Uganda

Our Philosophy

Nothing is better that a harm reduction approach towards development.

Core Values

  • Professionalism.

  • Accountability.

  • Team work.

  • Non-Discrimination.

Our Core activities include;

  • Professional training for drivers with emphasis on promoting women involvement and youth employment.

  • Coordinating the implementation of programs addressing HIV, non-communicable diseases, and road safety issues among drivers in Uganda.

  • Establishing a platform to facilitate employment for drivers with particular focus on women and youth.

  • Collecting and disseminating information on the driving industry to facilitate decision making for all stakeholders.